UFO Flying Saucers #4 (Gold Key, 1974): `From Out of the Past’



Once again Ezekiel’s “wheel within a wheel” vision interpreted retroactively as an alien encounter, this time in comic book form. It’s really interesting to me that the “non-UFO” explanations of what the alleged prophet might have seen do not reference prophetic or mystic vision, as if that reality is harder to grasp than fiery, ancient astronauts dropping in to take the old man for a ride. It’s as if highly advanced technology is the only miracle a materialistic society can accept.

UFO Flying Saucers ran for 13 issues between 1968 and 1977 and was published by Gold Key. In 1978 the series name changed to UFO and Outer Space, running for an additional 12 issues. Some of the issues from the latter run reprinted stories from the original run.

(Images via AlienEncounters/Flickr)

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