Web of Evil #19 (October, 1954): ‘The Half-Creatures of the Sargasso Sea’










Fun read found at The Horrors of It All. The artist and writer are unknown. Here the Sargasso Sea legend is combined with Poe’s “A Descent into the Maelstrom” (1841) and various works by Hodgson and Lovecraft, with the usual horror pulp flourishes popularized by EC Comics starting in 1950. The Bermuda Triangle would not enter the cultural lexicon for another 10 years, but the supernatural elements are already in effect, with the Sargasso described as a “hideous expanse” into which “countless vessels have fallen victim,” a “mystic sea swamp” harboring “forbidden secrets.” The “monster whirlpool” seems to be a kind of wormhole into another dimension—shades of Charles Fort’s Super-Sargasso Sea.

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