The Mystic and Occult Arts by Litzka R. Gibson and Walter B. Gibson (Paperback Library, 1969)

Mystic 1969

Mystic 1969-2

Litzka Raymond Gibson was born Pearl Beatrice Gonser in 1901 and spent her early life as a touring musician, playing harp and accompanying herself on vocals. Her second husband was Morris Raymond Saunders, the “Great Raymond,” a popular stage musician who hired Litzka for his show in the early 1920s. After Raymond died in 1948, Litzka married Walter B. Gibson, pulp writer and creator of The Shadow.* Gibson was also a stage magician and wrote several volumes on psychic phenomena and the paranormal. He and Litzka, who had started writing books on palmistry in the early ’50s, wrote several volumes together on psychic and occult powers, including The Complete Illustrated Book of the Psychic Sciences (1966).

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